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The missing photos

Lizard Lodge - see Mr Curlytail in the doorway ?

Sailing school

Old Salt - Abaco-style

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Just had conch fritters and a Kalik at Capt. Jack's. It was Bruce's first outing since the toe accident.
He saw Nurse McKinney this morning and had the dressing changed so he's feeling a bit perkier.


Lizard Lodge. See Mr. Curlytail in the doorway ?

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Hopetown - Day 6

Our House : Parliament Harbour House


Last night at Firefly

Bruce and Francis. He was caretaker for a cottage we rented 10 years ago.
Still our buddy.


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The Abacos

Sweet Hopetown

The flights from Buenos Aires to the Abacos were pretty miserable and the travel time exceeded 24 hours - no fun when you feel great, dismal when you feel lousy. But, here we are back 'home' in Hopetown. We're in a different house than usual but it's great, overlooking the harbor, lots of of room AND ! central heat which is unheard-of here. The worst part is that we've needed it. The weather has been very un-Abaconian until today but that's changing.

View from our front porch

Ten minutes ago (Bruce in green shirt)

IMG_0341<br />      Back Street</p><p>.jpg
Candy's Bouganviellia


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Buenos Aires - Days 2 and 3

Don't Cry for me Argentina

Thud. That's the sound of the conclusion of this South American adventure.

Hack hack hack. I caught The Bug which a bunch of my students had. We disembarked Tuesday morning with plans to continue exploring Buenos Aires
for a couple of days. Instead we went straight to our hotel and I went straight to bed. The staff was great, offering to call a doctor, to call a Pharmacia (yes, please), whatever. I didn't get up until we had to leave for the airport the following day. But it would have been easier to get sick on board Serenity.

Bruce spent a few hours each day walking alone through the neighborhoods. Some of the architecture is wonderful. He went to Recoletta Cemetaria,
a tree-lined mini-city, with mausoleums of myriad architectural styles, some immaculately maintained and some derelict. It's the final resting place of Argentina's rich and famous, most notably Eva Peron, and one of the city's top tourist sites. Bruce also was intrigued with the fine art of walking the dogs.
All too soon... (isnt't that the way these stories all end?) we were beginning our miserable 24-hour journey northward. Hasta la Vista !



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